Why you should buy a resale property

For sale by owner

Many home property buyer today prefer to buy resale houses, and there’s many positive reasons why.

You can bargain with the seller to negotiate the selling price because you will get an idea on real estate trends of complex and locality.

Resale properties are generally cheaper than new properties.

No waiting period. You can move into a resale property within weeks unless you are planning for some re- furnishing.

You can visit a resale property to see the actual condition of the property.

Resale properties typically have more living space than new properties

Resale properties are typically in mature estates with amenities.

Resale property purchases are also eligible for housing grants.

You can verify legal tiles and can be assured of legal status.

Cost including home loan interest is low compared to under construction.

You can check out construction quality with the help of structural engineer.

But don’t forget this also comes with it’s disadvantages:

Check out for wear and tear or any other visible damage.

No major changes is possible in house structure or layout.

You do not have choice available for selection in terms of floor rise, view etc as not many are available for sale.

If you are planning to do a complete makeover the it will cost you a bomb.

Society rules might not suit you and you cannot change it.

But before you buy a resale house, make sure you visit the property and familiarize yourself with the neighborhood.

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