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What is house and lot?
What is house and lot

 Introduction An investor can never be wrong in investing in land. Regardless of the year of investment, prices of land will always appreciate. You might…

Learn what is a condo - Buying a Unit
Learn What is a Condo – Buying a Unit

Introduction In these article, we have learned about some basic information about condominiums. We have learned that a condominium is not only limited to high buildings…

What is a condo
Learn What is a Condo – The Basics

Introduction Buying condominium became a trend since 2001 when the real estate markets have reached their sustainable growth. In addition to this, huge demand for…

Philippine rental policy
Rental Policy

Introduction A high percentage of the Philippine population leases a house. Some are families, and some are students who are studying far from their homes….

Philippine inheritance

Introduction One of the most common disputes Filipino families have is dividing their inheritance from parents or other relatives who passed away. This happens most…

What is Industrial property
What is Industrial Lot

Introduction This post discusses what is industrial lot, it’s classifications and benefits in terms of investment. We will discuss also common industrial lot terms and list industrial…