What is is a online real estate listing site owned by PhilRealty Global Marketing, Inc. The site offers comprehensive info on development projects and resale properties in the Philippines.

What are the projects of
PhilRealty Global Marketing, Inc. is not a developer but a sales and marketing company and therefore does not have its own projects. We only get accreditation with developer companies to market and sell their projects. We don’t add extra cost to the property prices given by developers.

I’m a Filipino based overseas and I’m looking for properties to buy in the Philippines, how do I go about it?
Choose a specific property to consider and inquire and contact us for more information. We’ll send you information and schedule with you a tripping or actual viewing appointment for you to inspect the property. If you can’t visit the Philippines any time soon, you can arrange a representative, family member, or a relative to view the property on your behalf. Then you will be handed out with more detailed procedures once you zero in on the property you want to buy. We will assist you from your inquiry to documents processing to after-sales support.

I’m a foreigner, how can I buy properties in the Philippines?
A foreigner can only purchase a property under his name if the property is a condominium unit. Or if he/she is part of a corporation registered in the Philippines, provided at least 60% of the shares of this corporation are owned by Filipinos, this corporation can buy properties in the Philippines.

I want to sell my properties through your site, how do I go about it?
We are currently selective of properties we want to sell at our site. If you are a direct owner of the property, please send us details of your property and we’ll reply back to you with our assessment. Your property, if approved, will be posted for free at our site. We will also require you a signed Authority to Sell document to formalize our selling agreement.