35-Room Hotel Building For Sale in Baguio City

Commercial Building
Sold Out

Property Details

Lot Area: 1500 sqm. 
Bedroom: 35 Bedrooms
Garage: 7 Garages

Property Description

Baguio has been a favorite tourist spot in the Philippines for its cool weather, pine trees and amazing view when you’re at the top. Given that we are in a tropical country, we usually crave for some cool weather once in a while.

The property has 2 buildings in a 1,500 sqm lot with 35 rooms all in all. The 2 buildings have big spaces inside perfect for big group gatherings, family vacations, company outing etc. It is also perfect for a bed and breakast, transient or even a school. There won’t be a problem with parking as well, 6-7 cars can fit in the property.


  • Near the SLU bakakeng
  • Along the jeepney line
  • Near “Small world private school”
  • Near CAAA shopping mall (soon to be opened)

15-20 minutes drive to various tourist spots in Baguio

Php 59M (Inclusive of Taxes)

Property Features

Property Location

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