Farm Land for sale in Sta. Maria Bulacan

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Property Details

Lot Area: 45852.2 sq.m. 

Property Description

4.58 hectare farm land located in Barrio San Jose, Patag, Sta. Maria, Bulacan, about 3 Kms. Northeast of Sta Maria town proper and situated in the northern tip of a concrete barrio road.

Property neighborhood is mostly residential & agricultural area. Well developed CDO Private Subdivision housing is located at the back of property and is right beside Polo River.

The lots:

  1. Lot 1 = 6,178 sq.m.
  2. Lot 2 = 6,178 sq.m.
  3. Lot 3 = 5,857 sq.m.
  4. Lot 4 = 5,199 sq.m.
  5. Lot 5 = 5,419 sq.m.
  6. Lot 6 = 7,306 sq.m.
  7. Lot 7 = 9,515 sq.m.


The property is within an Agricultural-Residential Zone of Sta. Maria Bualacan.

Parcel of land contains 1 Poultry House about 540 sq.m. floor area each. Trees Available in the area are Narra trees, Mahogany trees, Bamboo, and a variety of fruit bearing trees. Land is not entirely covered with trees & is situated near Polo River. Immediate neighbors are several 2 storey and bungalow residential houses.

Rice fields with a variety of farm animals can be seen along the way going to the area. Bus, Jeeps & tricycles are accessible from the main road. Potable water supply is via deep well. 2 deep wells are already available.

Contains the following:

1. Two Storey Residential Building with open terrace (191.65 sq.m.)

2. One Two storey small Warehouse (64.70 sq.m.)

3. Two Garages

4. Gazebo

5. One Poultry House (housing 6,000 chickens) Concrete foundation w/ bamboo floors

6. Pig pen foundation floor

7. Five Caretaker

Property Features

Property Location

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