Prime Real Estate: 3.3 Hectares of Flat Land for sale in Mendez Tagaytay

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Residential Lot
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₱5,500 per sq.m.

Property Details

Lot Area: 3.3 hectares 

Property Description

Are you looking for an exceptional piece of land for your next venture or investment?

This 3.3-hectare flat land, nestled along a cemented barangay road, offers immense potential for various developments. Whether you’re considering a subdivision, farm, or a recreational project, this prime piece of real estate is what you are looking for.

Versatile Land for Endless Possibilities

This 3.3-hectare flat land in Mendez, Tagaytay, boasts a level terrain that provides the perfect canvas for your ideas. Its versatility is a significant advantage, making it suitable for multiple purposes. Here are some exciting prospects for this property:

  • Subdivision Development: With its ample space and strategic location, this land is ideal for creating a thriving residential community. Its flat topography simplifies the construction process, making it a cost-effective choice for developers.
  • Farm Land: If you’re an agriculture enthusiast or planning to venture into farming, this land offers endless possibilities. The rich soil and favorable climate in the Tagaytay region make it an excellent choice for agricultural activities.
  • Recreational Development: Imagine turning this vast expanse of land into a breathtaking recreational haven. From resorts to sports facilities or nature-themed parks, this property’s potential for recreational development is unmatched.

Legal Peace of Mind

When investing in real estate, a clean title and updated taxes are crucial for a hassle-free transaction. Rest assured, this property comes with a clean title, free from any encumbrances, and its taxes are up to date. This provides you with the peace of mind that your investment is secure and legally sound.

Double the Exposure: Corner Lot with Dual Frontage

This property is not just a flat piece of land; it’s also a corner lot, offering two frontages. One side provides approximately 100 meters of exposure, while the other side boasts a generous 150-meter frontage. This unique feature enhances the accessibility and visibility of your future project, making it an even more attractive proposition.

Location, Location, Location: Barangay Anuling, Mendez, Cavite

The property is situated in Barangay Anuling, Mendez, Cavite. The location is strategically positioned between the tranquility of Mendez and the allure of Tagaytay, offering the best of both worlds. Tagaytay, known for its cool climate, stunning views, and tourist attractions, is just a stone’s throw away, making this land a prime choice for those looking to create a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors and residents.

The vibrant community of Mendez provides the infrastructure and amenities needed for modern living, ensuring convenience for any development you have in mind. Accessibility is excellent, with major highways and roads in close proximity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this remarkable 3.3-hectare flat land in Mendez, Tagaytay. Its versatility, legal security, dual frontage, and strategic location make it an outstanding investment choice for various projects. Whether you’re an individual looking to build your dream home, a developer seeking the next hot property, or an investor with a keen eye for potential, this property has it all.

Act now and turn your dreams into reality by acquiring this prime piece of real estate. Contact us today for more information, to schedule a viewing, or to discuss how this land can become the canvas for your next venture. Mendez, Tagaytay, is waiting for your vision, and this land is ready to bring it to life.

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