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PhilRealtyGlobal Homepage 4-25-14How can we help you with your real estate needs?

Looking for a property is really exciting but can be exhausting as well.

Searching for the perfect fit is not so very easy sometimes. It requires, time, effort, money, right people, patience and a whole lot more. Here are the usual steps we do when you inquire from us:

1.) Once we get your online inquiry. What do we do?

Each property/ project is assigned to one of our associates who are knowledgeable about the property. Once we receive your email, the specific agent receives your inquiry as well. We have a protocol to answer every inquiry within 24 hours upon receipt of your inquiry as to address efficiently and effectively your questions/ concerns. However, there would be times when our response could be more than 24 hours and this would likely be due to confirmation of details from the developers or individual listings which sometimes take longer to get back to us.

We always check from the developers/ owners for updated details and consult them with your concerns so that we can give you the up to date information.

2.) When all info has been provided for, we call for a viewing.

After email/ call/ text communications have progressed and you think we have your dream property through the details that we sent, we encourage ‘site viewing’ or ‘site tripping’ so that you could see personally what you’ll be buying. By this, you’ll have a first hand experience on the property and could assess it better.

We schedule it base on you and our agent’s common free time. We usually meet with our client in a public place like malls, coffee shops, etc to avoid any mishaps and to show our good will. But, if the client is already familiar with the location, we usually meet them at the gate of the subdivision.

Site Viewing is absolutely free and without commitment. It is part of our service to accompany you to see what you’ll be purchasing.

3.) After tripping.

We help you decide. Consult us. Be assured that we, as brokers, are always for the Buyer. However, we still need to negotiate and work hand in hand with the Seller if ever there will be adjustments.

4.) Purchase. (What we do in the purchase process)

We make the Contract to Sell and then the Deed of Absolute Sale. Both parties agree with the provisions given on the contract and if there will be additions from any of the parties, we have to discuss altogether and agree with them. After these, we have to pay the taxes: Seller – Capital Gains Tax, Buyer – Documentary Stamp Tax, Registration Fees, Transfer Tax and all expenses related to the Transfer. Then Transfer of Documents from the previous owner to the new owner will follow.

The Buyer and Seller have the option to process their documents or ask our services for assistance with the transfer.

5.) For your future real estate needs we are still here at your service.

So what are you waiting for? Inquire now for easier purchasing process! We are built to make Filipino dreams come true.

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