Why Invest in Sta Rosa?

We all know that Sta Rosa is being named as one of the next big city right? But, why do the eyes of most investors are on it really? Well, its not that hard to figure that out. If you are looking for the perfect place to put your hard earned money for your home, then you are just in time for this (hopefully) helpful write up!

1.) There are a lot of choices for Subdivisions and really good ones at that!

Mediterranean, Japanese, Bali, Asian, Nature induced environment, think of a theme and Sta Rosa probably just have it. Its also nice that developers are really making an effort to improve their projects and think of their residents more now. They think of of the children playing in projects they make, they think of the health of the residences, they think of the families growing together.

Here are the subdivisions we recommend:
Nuvali has wide array of projects catering to different markets. Here is a link for Nuvali projects:

Search Page


Has different country themes per subdivision.


Mediterranean Themed homes just in front of Solenad II.


2.) A number of schools from Manila are emerging in Sta Rosa

Of course, schools are a big consideration in finding a home especially for families. Good thing is that you children don’t have to travel far just to have good education! Below are the list of schools already built, being built and soon to rise in the area:

– De La Salle Canlubang
– Xavier School
– Miriam College
– Brent International School
– St. Scholastica’s College – Westgrove
– Don Bosco College

3.) Sta Rosa is the “Makati of the South”

Want to live in a city feel but still has that freshness of the province? Or want something like Makati minus the traffic? Then Sta Rosa is your perfect choice! Breathe in fresh air without going far far away. Wake up in the morning without all the Manila pollution and noise. Also, some of our favorite places to eat are already here, so why endure the traffic when you can just stay?

4.) Accessible to Manila and your favorite weekend getaways (like Tagaytay)

Some of those who work in Manila/ Makati area won’t have a hard time going to work. Also, admit it or not, though we get tired and sick of Manila traffic, our body thirst for some Manila adventure once in a while right? Sta Rosa is just 30-45 minutes minimum away from Makati when there’s no traffic! Also, on special dates or family time when you want it to be extra fancy like a trip to Tagaytay, it just takes 20-30 minutes going up there. No traveling for hours and hours anymore just to achieve what you want!

5.) Endless Job Opportunities

For those who are looking for investment only, Sta Rosa is a very good choice. There are expats or families who are looking for houses to rent/ some even buy because their works are based in the area. There are various Industrial, Manufacturing, IT companies in Sta Rosa and nearby areas. If you are a businessman on the otherhand, there are endless possibilities here most especially that it has a fast growing economy.

6.) Everything you need is here

Hospitals, schools, shopping stores, restaurants, parks, groceries, etc etc. Everything is an arm’s reach away!

If you have a heart for Sta Rosa we can help you! For inquiries or tripping schedule kindly email us at philrealtyglobalmarkting@gmail.com or contact us at +639771882335. Hope to hear from you soon!